Uri Geller has sent out a warning to NASA to prepare for an alien invasion very soon.

Uri Geller has warned NASA to prepare for a mass alien invasion of Earth ‘soon’.

According to Daily Star, the 75-year-old believes humans may have stumbled upon the chit-chat of ‘superior’ beings from outer space and the self-proclaimed psychic thinks it means that aliens are heading our way. The legendary spoon-bender reckons scientists mapping radio waves who discovered a giant energy source 4,000 light-years away may have stumbled upon the chit-chat of ‘superior’ beings from outer space.

And Uri, 75, reckons the aliens are heading our way.

He announced on Instagram: “A team mapping radio waves in the universe has discovered something unusual that releases a giant burst of energy three times an hour and it’s unlike anything astronomers have seen before.

“No doubt in my mind that this is connected to alien intelligence way way superior than ours.

“That was completely unexpected.

“It was kind of spooky for an astronomer because there’s nothing known in the sky that does that.

“And it’s really quite close to us — about 4,000 light years away. It’s in our galactic backyard.’’

She said she believes it is an ‘ultra-long period magnetar’.

“It’s a type of slowly spinning neutron star that has been predicted to exist theoretically,’’ she said.

Uri wants to warn NASA about the upcoming 'alien invasion'
Uri wants to warn NASA about the upcoming ‘alien invasion’ (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

“But nobody expected to directly detect one like this because we didn’t expect them to be so bright.

“Somehow it’s converting magnetic energy to radio waves much more effectively than anything we’ve seen before.’’

Last month Uri said he was convinced aliens are preparing to ‘make contact’ with the human race.

He said: “They will probably land on the White House lawn or somewhere. All our science fiction films about alien encounters will come true.

“I don’t think we are talking about thousands or even hundreds of years. If I had to guess, a rational and logical guess, I would say 60 to 75 years it’s going to happen.’’

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