Treating Disease With Health Not Vaccines

Treating Disease With Health Not Vaccines

Published on January 6, 2022

Since the early days of modern medicine and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, the mental conditioning, propaganda, and hypnosis that bends the public’s minds towards their products has been relentless. Pharmaceutical medicine is a form of treatment that is not interested in promoting health (there is no money in that) or curing disease but in promoting disease.

As a result, modern medicine has been built on quicksand. When I say quicksand, we need to look at how doctors and health officials wrongly see disease and the human condition. And somehow, vaccines are right in the middle of this wrongness. But first, let us take heart attacks and strokes. 

When we say a person died of cardiac arrest or a stroke, we are standing on top of the quicksand, but as we sink below to the actual cause, most people die of magnesium deficiency in these two conditions. Still, you will NEVER hear a doctor say a person died of magnesium deficiency though medical science sustains the truth of this reality. 

Healthy people have plenty of magnesium in their cells, so think about taking a gram of magnesium a day to protect yourself from a host of illnesses. Cardiologists could give out a hundred medicines, but none can compensate for magnesium deficiencies, which is the primary reason people have heart problems, strokes, and diabetes. 

Everyone is freaked out about COVID and, before that, the flu, and now they are inventing a new one, Flurona, and this is where the obsession with vaccines comes in. The truth is that it is almost impossible to die of COVID or the flu if one’s vitamin D blood level is high enough. Meaning if you get enough sun and are not obese (fully inflamed body), you’re going to be okay. And now, no big surprise, a coronavirus variant with 46 mutations has been detected in southern France. The first patient was vaccinated, showing health, not vaccines, are the way to go. 

Both the flu and COVID are vitamin D deficiency diseases. Like scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency disease, goiter is an iodine deficiency disease. No doctor in their right mind would treat these two diseases with anything but vitamin C or iodine. (Iodine can be used in our fight against COVID.) Now tell me how the flu or highly hazardous COVID vaccine has any value for any of these diseases.

One essential medicine for coronavirus hospital patients would be magnesium chloride given intravenously. Magnesium administration would reduce the progression of the disease to severe or fatal stages when caught earlier enough and keep heart patients from dying in the later stages.

Other studies show that combinations of Vitamin D, magnesium, and B12 administered to older COVID-19 patients were associated with a significant reduction in the proportion of patients with clinical deterioration requiring oxygen and intensive care support.

Modern medicine could vindicate itself if it abolished flu and COVID vaccines and promoted the sun or vitamin D3 (or even better, Calcitriol, the active and instantly available form of D). But that would be treating or preventing disease with health instead of unsafe vaccines. But, of course, this is the last thing the medical-industrial complex is interested in or will do. 

They are not interested in what works! They sell vaccines no matter how many people they kill or seriously harm. They sell vaccines even if they do not work, which is now apparent as COVID, in its various forms, continues to infect even fully vaccinated populations. But everyone whose minds have been conditioned to see vaccines as their savior and protector will continue to look for the next booster until the current medical paradigm collapses upon itself.

Anyone who knows anything about vaccines realizes they are violent, and one of the leading vaccine experts, Dr. Paul Offit, said so. Offit, co-inventor of the Merck RotaTeq vaccine, wrote Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. Unfortunately, the history of COVID makes it clear who is threatening us all. Anyone who knows about vaccines would have understood their end game, which we now face with COVID vaccines. 

“The greatest lie ever told is that
vaccines are safe and effective.” 
Dr. Len Horowitz

Be Alarmed and Warned

If one is against COVID vaccines (genetic injections), one should be against the FDA, the NIH, CDC, Dept. of Health and Human Services agencies, NIAID, etc., but also actual doctors in clinical practice, researchers, hospital administrators, and for sure against the pharmaceutical companies and their CEOs that make and sell the most dangerous vaccines in existence. They are all from the same family of rats and not to be trusted as far as you can spit into a hurricane wind. 

Be very careful when taking a vaccine for COVID. Your life insurance may not pay if it determines your COVID19 jab is an ‘experimental medical intervention,’ which is how it is being widely characterized. Also, the alarm is going up from a life insurance company, which reports a 40 percent increase in deaths among people in the prime of life. So this could be the shot heard around the world warning us that COVID vaccines could be worse for the human race than a World War.  

Vaccines Are Safe

Vaccines are so safe that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) for vaccine injury and death payout $ 3.1 Billion between 1989 and 2015. Average annual payout 2005-2009: $ 75,630,051 per year. Average annual payout 2010-2014: $221,822,386 per year. In 2021, the U.S. government paid $246.9 million in vaccine-related injuries and deaths claims. Not a single cent was related to Covid-19 vaccines.

If you give a green pass to any of the above organizations, you favor the massacre of millions and are thus complicit. Tens of thousands of doctors and nurses are guilty as charged. The truth is people (and babies) have been getting hurt and dying from vaccines for a long time. I have been writing about this for over 18 years, but the message never got through, and look where we are now. 

The COVID vaccines are at the apex of the wrongness in modern medicine and speak about a terrible form of terrorism inherent in the vaccine industrial complex. We should have known better. Virologists and vaccine proponents were warming up for decades for what we have now from Pfizer and friends. 

James Howard Kunstler reported that Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of m-RNA technology) truth-bombing the Internet with three hours of straight talk about the U.S. health authorities’ campaign to destroy the lives of at least half a million U.S. citizens (so far). Podcaster Joe Rogan assisted skillfully in an interview that is finally rocking the world out of an epic consensus trance. (Listen.)

Kunstler said, “The American people have been played backward and forwards, inside and out, through and through, and up and down, driven to the very edge of national suicide by a combine of enemies within and without.”

Special Note: Next essay will be about baking soda and its use against COVID infections to treat hospitalized patients and as a preventative. Health begins when we cross into the frontier of alkalinity. All viruses are pH-sensitive, but I bet you will not find one doctor or public health official to say so.

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