The Banking System Explains Our Servitude

“Money” is the blood supply of society. It is the “medium of exchange” that circulates through society like blood through a human body. Add it and everything is sanguine; subtract it and you have a corpse.   Unfortunately, our feckless ancestors gave control over money creation to Cabalist Jews and Freemasons who have waged a covert war against humanity for centuries. Their goal is to expand their monopoly over money creation into a monopoly over literally everything and induct humanity into their satanist cult. They have weaponized the common cold as a pretext to decimate and enslave humanity. This is the essence of Communism and the New World Order.
There can be no fundamental improvement until the central bank is nationalized and “debt” disowned. And that is not likely to happen as long as its minions control everything. Money is a Mind Game
“…They created credit money with a view to making its volume close to infinite. …it is an abstraction, a being of thought, a figure, number, credit, faith….”    Illuminati Insider Chaim Rakovsky  
Updated from 28-7-18
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 
In the last few years, banks have become increasingly active in pushing the globalist agenda. For example, my bank is all for “diversity” –homosexuality and im-migration. (It is rare to find a male white teller at a Canadian bank who is not a homosexual.) Similarly, most corporations sing from the same globalist songbook.   For example, Citibank just announced they will not do business with clients who do not meet progressive gun-control requirements.  


Banks are all franchises of the Rothschild world central banking system, much like some MacDonald’s stores are independently owned. But banks all depend on the central bank for “money.” That’s why banks and the corporations dependent on them promote bizarre agendas like gender dysfunction, family breakdown, gun control, miscegenation and minority status for Caucasians.  

WHAT DOES ‘MONEY? LOOK LIKE? (When it’s not currency)
What follows is my best guess but I could be wrong. I welcome correction from better-informed people. 
When I write a cheque to the gas company, an armored car does not pull up to my bank, collect the cash from my account and deliver it to the gas company’s bank. All that REALLY happens is some digits change at the two banks. 
My bank account is not a little letterbox with cash sitting in it. My account is just a number in their books signifying what they owe me should, God forbid, I decide to withdraw the cash. 
When we use our credit cards or when we buy a stock, the only thing that happens is that accounts are adjusted. 


We are really banking with the Rothschilds. Our little nest egg is actually their magical “credit”, a slice of the national “debt” owed to them, “money” which they created from nothing and “loaned” to the government. It is a reflection of the government’s ability to repay, although it never will. 

The banking system is a vast system of accounts. Money doesn’t actually exist except for a small amount in paper coupons (currency). “Money” is an imaginary concept denoting value. Our currency is a medium of exchange. Think of it as electrical current instead of currency. It is basically a virtual credit system that is the lifeblood of every economy. Who owns this franchise? This system of accounts? Who adds or subtracts credit? Who decides who gets to play? 

A syndicate of mostly cabalist (Masonic) Jewish banking families led by the Rothschilds. 
Unfortunately, these Cabalists are Satanists. They are determined to protect and extend this banking monopoly to a monopoly over everything — real wealth, political power, knowledge, media, education, culture, religion, law etc. They want to own us and our children as well. (We are collateral on the national debt.)  This is the essence of Communism and New World Order which is largely in place. The goal is to gradually enslave humanity. When they finally get rid of cash, they can cut off our “credit” at a moment’s notice. 

How do they maintain control? They control the corporate cartels who are all dependent on banks. These corporations fund the politicians who follow bankers’ orders. 
Many of these politicians are Freemasons. Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are accomplices in the banking racket. In general, complicity in the banking fraud is the price of success today. 


Why is it a fraud? Because sovereign governments could “generate their own electricity”   interest and debt-free. We wouldn’t need to sell our soul and our children’s birthright.

In the future, it is conceivable that human life will be no better than that of the animals we breed for food. The “Deep State” is the secret network dedicated to protecting the fraudulent banking system and advancing its satanic agenda. Most of the players belong to Freemasonry or Organized Jewry. Intelligence agencies like the CIA, Mossad, and MI-6, the police and the army are the bankers’ enforcers. Mass surveillance (the NSA etc.) ensures that nobody gets any ideas.Everyone — MDs, cops, politicians, journalists — is controlled by money. Our feckless ancestors gave our national credit cards to people who want to destroy us, This, in a nutshell, is the key to understanding the covid hoax.

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First Comment from Tony B:Your description of what we have INSTEAD OF MONEY is correct in essence but your suggested correction contains a fatal error.  Also, our cash is not even money, as it once was.  Instead, today, “cash” is but a notice of debt owed to the cabal at usury.  Every second you carry a cash bill someone is paying interest on that bill, which must be “repaid” to its banker creators as debt.“If all bank loans were paid no one would have a bank deposit and there would not be a dollar of currency or coin in circulation. This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent monetary system. When one gets a complete grasp upon the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible–but there it is. It (the banking problem) is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. it is so important: that our present civilization may collapse unless it is widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.”

Robert H. Hemphill, for 8 years credit manager of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: “To be true money, cash is but a coupon REPRESENTING a value for the single purpose of making exchanges more accurate, more easily; what people have been mis-taught to disparagingly call “fiat.”  Real money is properly SPENT or GIVEN into circulation AT NO COST TO ANYONE.  It is proper for new money to be an advantage to its creator, which MUST properly be the people’s government, NO ONE ELSE.  The government seigniorage or privilege of first use of new money even reduces the tax burden of the people.”

As to the problem of government-owned central banks, I wish that every human being would be able to read Rev. Dennis Fathey’s “Money Manipulation and Social Order” in which he points out the reason this is an error.  A private central bank is bad enough in that it can play favorites as to who gets loans and who does not.  But private banks, more often than not, will be more willing to give loans, even against the bank owners’ political leanings, for-profit motives while governments have no real concern about profit as they have the tax privilege, therefore governments are more apt to refuse loans to political opponents and give them, without concern for repay abilities, to political friends in a much more corrupt manner than private banks.  Fahey points out that this is exactly what Hitler did in Germany when his government took over both money creation and central banking.

The points are that central banks should just not be allowed to exist at all.  Central banks are criminal usurpers of the money creation ability which belongs, by all that is right, to governments only.  But a proper and necessary division is that government must always be the sole creator of money for its people but NEVER allowed to be in the banking business.  Conversely, banking must be in private hands but bankers must NEVER be allowed to create money.  Which means that banks must not be allowed to loan ANYTHING other than government created money IT HAS ON HAND and at a reasonable cost, and that government must be forced to create only that amount of money needed to facilitate all exchanges among its citizens.  The FACT is that governments have, all through history, been much more apt to keep the money supply at a proper ratio to exchanges than have bankers.  Even those inflations of the money supply used by Rothschild shills most often pretending government misuse, such as the 1920s massive German inflation, was the work of PRIVATE BANKERS, not the German government.

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