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‘Thank you truckers’: Edmonton police officer makes tearful video praising ‘freedom convoy’-The World Needs To See This

BY Sean Amato At CTV News : An Edmonton police officer who released an emotional, in-uniform video praising the “freedom convoy” and suggesting vaccine mandates are “unlawful” and “unsafe” is having her post reviewed by the service.

Const. Elena Golysheva of the Edmonton Police Service identified herself clearly before delivering a three-minute speech that has since been shared thousands of times on social media groups.

It’s not clear where the video was originally posted, but it has been shared widely on both Facebook and Instagram.

“I’ve always been reminded by my supervisors, ‘Please question unsafe orders. Ask us questions if you think the orders are unlawful.’ And that’s what I think our job is. Thank you truckers for standing up for all of us,” Golysheva said in the video.

EPS confirmed the woman in the video is a member of the service.

“We are in the process of reviewing the video. That’s all I am able to share at this time,” spokesperson Cheryl Sheppard said on Wednesday, adding that no interviews will be given on the topic.

Golysheva said she moved to Canada “to be free,” and she thanked truckers and farmers for “standing up (for) the police officers, when we could not stand up for you.”

“The very freedom that I moved to Canada for has been taken away, and Canadians who live here, were born here, are not recognizing that. I fought to come here to have it, and it was very difficult to see it to be taken away,” she stated.

Golysheva said she will not follow “unlawful orders” because she’s for “freedom of choice,” but she didn’t explain exactly what that meant.

She also did not mention the illegal blockading of public infrastructure, which some of the convoys have done.

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