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Rand Paul: Dems Have “Overplayed Their Hand” With ‘Stupid Theater’ COVID Mandates

Senator Rand Paul urged Wednesday that Democrats have gone too far with forced mask mandates and other “theater” COVID restrictions and that ironically it is working to bring Americans on the left and the right together in opposition to the regime taking away freedoms.

“You know, I think it’s no longer a right-left issue,” Paul stated, explaining “There may have been more of us on the right not liking the government mandates, but I think now you’re finding parents of children, whether they’re left of center, in the center, independents who really don’t like the idea of just forcing children to wear masks when the science doesn’t really indicate that the masks are working.”

“Even the CDC admits the cloth masks aren’t working,” Paul continued, noting “You see kids outside huddled in the cold, eating their sandwiches. You see kids playing outside in masks.”

“So I think it is bringing right and left together.” Paul continued, adding “I think in the end, the Democrats have really overplayed their hand on the mandates, because they’re going to lose their populous, they’re going to lose their public.”

The Senator further asserted “This is a turning point. I think it’s really getting to the point where the science is clear that the bulk and the vast majority of the masks people are wearing have no difference, make no difference, in the trajectory of the virus.”

“Ultimately Democrats are going to lose the public. And if they haven’t already lost the public, I think they’re getting there,” Paul reiterated.

He added, “If it were just adults being stupid that would be fine, you have a right to be stupid in a free country, but you don’t have a right to force this on children.”

“These people will never let go of our freedoms or our children if we don’t push back,” Paul urged.


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