Here’s a Novel Idea on How to Spend a Trillion Dollars

Here’s a Novel Idea on How to Spend a Trillion Dollars

Congress has such a low approval rating, (around 15% now), maybe they could boost that rating with a program that actually has some merit.

We always see memes that state that Social Security is our money and we shouldn’t be cheated out of it. Well, I agree, but unfortunately, the Supreme Court doesn’t see it that way and has stated in an opinion that the Government can withdraw it at any point in time.

When you look at Social Security logically, yes we did pay into it, but the company that you worked for paid into it too, in fact, it was a 50/50 proposition.

It seems funny to me that our Government has enough money to just hand over to illegal aliens that are invading our country, but they constantly tell you that Social Security is almost bankrupt.

What kind of message do you think that sends to the elderly in our country?

Here is my proposal:

  Fund Social Security to the tune of $1 Trillion dollars.

  Remove all other programs from the system such as Social Security Disability, they should never have had the same name to begin with.

  Make Social Security a sacred cow so to speak, totally untouchable by Congress to raid at will for pet welfare projects.

  Stop raising the age for fully paid Social Security benefits.

  Stop calling Social Security an Entitlement, it only pisses people off.

  Either fully fund Social Security, or eliminate the federal payroll tax entirely and allow Americans to have a certain amount of tax-free investments annually for retirement.

Sound logical? Of course, that will never happen but it feels good to dream from time to time. Congress is too busy giving it away to undeserving people!

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