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Billionaire-Owned Bloomberg Says Americans Should Eat Lentils & Let Their Pets Die to Cope With Inflation

Also urges people to give up their cars and use public transport.

By Billionaire-owned news outlet Bloomberg says Americans should cope with soaring inflation by eating lentils instead of meat and saving on vets’ bills by letting their pets die.

Yes, really.

The article, headlined Inflation Stings Most If You Earn Less Than $300K. Here’s How to Deal, tells Americans they should consider giving up their cars and using public transport because fares have only risen by 8% compared to a 38% rise for gasoline.

The war in Ukraine, which is being prolonged by the legacy media’s lionization of President Zelensky and calls for a no-fly zone, is also blamed for soaring inflation and food prices, despite the fact this was already happening for months beforehand under the Biden administration.

“Though your palate may not be used to it, tasty meat substitutes include vegetables (where prices are up a little over 4%, or lentils and beans, which are up about 9%). Plan to cut out the middle creature and consume plants directly. It’s a more efficient, healthier, and cheaper way to get calories,” states the article.

Well, at least they didn’t suggest Americans eat bugs or drink sewage, which is what the World Economic Forum suggests.

Before Thanksgiving, the St. Louis Fed also urged consumers to swap turkey for “soybean-based dinners.”

The International Energy Agency (IEA) also helpfully suggests Americans should reign in their driving, including by reducing speeds on highways, to save money on skyrocketing gas costs.

The article also suggested that Americans should forget about trying to save their beloved dog’s life if it is struck down by cancer.

“If you’re one of the many Americans who became a new pet owner during the pandemic, you might want to rethink those costly pet medical needs. It may sound harsh, but researchers actually don’t recommend pet chemotherapy — which can cost up to $10,000 — for ethical reasons.”

Bloomberg News is owned by businessman and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg, who enjoys a net worth of $82 billion dollars.

Let them eat lentils!

Or maybe, if you can’t afford vet bills, just eat your dead dog instead.

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